Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome to Las Vegas - Catrice Cosmetics

Catrice is -again- a German drugstore brand. It is similar to Essence.

I've wanted to try them for a long time, their collections are super nice too, but somehow I was holding back ("cheap products; what if I have an allergic reaction?").
I couldn't resist these lipglosses though! To be honest: I'm looking for a red that compliments my skin tone. So I'm buying every cheap red lipstick/lipstain/lipgloss on the market.

I couldn't get the whole collection, because it was mostly sold out. Personally, it reminds me more of Moulin Rouge-showgirls, not Las Vegas! You can watch the preview video below, to get a general idea. If you see something you like/you want to try, just buy it! Because, just like the Essence products, the price is really nothing to hold you back. (They are a little bit more expensive though.)

Now I think of it, you could achieve a Betty Boop look, if you want to!
The total collection consists of:
  • an absolute eye colour quatro palette (€4,49)
  • a liquid liner (€3,79)
  • fake half lashes (€3,99)
  • three duo lipglosses (€3,99)
  • a transparent fixing powder (€3,99)
  • four nail polishes (€2,79)
  • a shimmering powder (price unknown)

Duo Lipgloss
I got the colors Lovely sinner (with gold 'topcoat') and Let me seduce you (with silver 'topcoat').

The packaging is a double-ended tube, which is very handy (you don't have to carry two products). On the topcoat-part of the tube you can see a little showgirl.

Each side has his own applicator, and, to my surprise, each one is different too! The lipgloss itself has a doe-foot applicator, and the glitter comes with a pointy sponge brush. I find that smart actually, as you can be precise about where you want the glitter! 

I think this is a magnificent combination of a very opaque red-like lipgloss, and a topcoat.
Although the red tones do not vary a lot, you can still see the difference each color makes on your skin tone. Plus they smell quite nice, not cheap at all.
You can use these all year without glitter, and when the holidays arrive: get your shimmah shimmah on! 

Product : 9/10
Pigmentation : 8.5/10 
Texture : 8/10
Packaging : 4/5


Preview video:

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