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Vampire's Love - Essence Cosmetics


The Vampire diaries, Twilight & co… vampire fever is in the air once again this winter. Mythical nights, endless love, eerie and beautiful film scenes!
The new essence trend edition "vampire’s love" ensures a vampire look. Blood red lips and pale, shimmering skin… with the new products from the essence trend edition "vampire’s love", every girl can be a vampire queen in november 2011.

The collection consists of:
  • an eyeshadow palette (€3,79)
  • a volume lash powder (€2,99)
  • two lipstains (€1,99)
  • a blush gelée (€2,49)
  • a shimmer powder (€2,99)
  • five nail polishes (€1,79)
  • an eau de toilette (6,99)

Now, I didn't get the whole collection, but I'll explain why in a sec. I did get most though!
Let's start the review!

The eyeshadow palette
Love at first bite
SO. I really like the name! Especially because in EVERY vampire movie/series the main characters fall in love at first sight. Anyone noticed?

The palette is made out of black plastic, but it's sturdy and could survive a fall. It's good for traveling or just for keeping it in your purse! It also has a mirror inside, plus point. The double sided brush (smudge brush and flat brush) are ok, but if you have decent brushes of course you would use those.

The pigmentation of the eye-shadows is good, although someone who likes them opaque, might find these a bit disappointing. But my oh my, do they blend like heaven!
If you're a beginner, palettes like this might be good to start: you can't really do anything wrong with them, and you can make a neutral eye, a smoky eye and a very holiday-like look with it too.

The lipstains
Bloody mary (dark plum/purple color) and True love (dark fuchsia/red color).

Both come in a tube with a doe-foot applicator. The tube is quite small, so I would say it's convenient.

The color pay-off is really good, and I think they fit the theme of this collection perfectly. They definitely last a lifetime (get it, get it?), and they are smudge-proof when they're dry. So be careful when they're wet!

The only downside is that the applicator picks up a lot of product, so you end up with in-your-face-lips. Now, that can be good or bad, but I think that a lipSTAIN should stain the lips, not paint them like crazy. 
What I usually do is apply a few dots on my lips, and then fill them in with a lip brush. If I do it like this they actually dry quick too (so work fast when you put the dots on your lips, or you might ending up looking like a ladybug).

The blush gelée
Also called Bloody mary. Not very creative, Essence!

It comes in a plastic pump disposer. With one pump you get wayyyyyyy enough product for both cheeks. If you just want a flush, this one pump might actually be too much.

To be honest, I haven't tried this one yet, because I'm not really good in applying gel/cream blushes. But by the look of it: it looks like a great dupe for Benefit's Benetint! I even think it applies easier than with the brush applicator.

The nail polishes
Gold old buffy, Into the dark, True love (ts ts), The dawn is broken and Hunt me if you can.
They come in a regular 0.33oz (10ml) glass jar, nothing special. The colors are nice too, I think. Very up-to-date with this season's fashion, plus they match the theme too.

I didn't get all the polishes (because I don't wear a lot of nail polish anyway), but I got Gold old buffy, which is a glittery/metallic gold-black. I got it because I figured I could do a matching look with one of the colors in the palette.

One coat of it won't suffice, I usually put three, just to be safe. But I think two good thick ones should do. I couldn't say if it lasts long; even if I would paint my nails with wall paint, I'd still end up chipping it at the end of the day...

Now, for the products I DIDN'T get, but I did hold them and swatched them in the store, so I can give a small opinion.

The volume lash powder
Eye need you. White fiber powder.
Description: voluminizing lash powder. Obviously you coat your lashes with mascara, then use the spoolie to apply the fibers, and then coat again with mascara (so you get nice black lashes, and not snowy-white ones).

I didn't get this because I think it's too much mess for me to deal with. I could imagine all the fibers sticking everywhere except for my lashes. But I DO think this works, if you do it right!

The shimmer powder
Lil’ vampire. Highlighting powder.

I didn't get this because my skin gets oily, and I really don't need the extra shine this product gives. If you're just experimenting with highlight powders, you can give this a go, I think. This is a dupe for Too Faced's Absolutely Invisible Candlelight powder. Although I can't compare durability!

Essence is a German brand of drugstore make-up. I like the quality of it, and most products are very original. Or they make a very good and cheap alternative to high-end cosmetic trends! So price is key with this brand: impressive quality for less money. Very good beginner products! But experienced make-up junkies (like myself) can enjoy this products too. 
Just like this collection. If you see something you like/you want to try, just buy it! Because the price is really nothing to hold you back.

(sorry for the poor lightning, I took these at night! But you get the general idea):

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  1. I am trying to find Vampire's Love Lipstain in Bloody Mary. Not very much luck.